Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Run Because ...

I read a blog post yesterday where a runner asked people to respond with the reasons why they run. It made me think about why I like to run. So I made my own list:
  1. It burns more calories than almost any other cardio activity.
  2. It gives me time alone with my thoughts.
  3. I love the way I feel after I run.
  4. I love to sweat!
  5. I can listen to really loud fast music.
  6. Its impossible to be angry after a good run.
  7. It makes me feel strong and accomplished.
  8. Because I can!
  9. Because so many others can't/don't.
  10. It takes me away from the frustration, stress and responsibility of the day.
  11. I like to see how far/fast I can push myself.
  12. I like seeing how far I've come.
  13. I like the way it makes my thighs look.
  14. To be a role model for my friends and family, but most importantly for my son.

I felt so motivated to run after I made my list that I signed up for my first 5K. It will be on September 19th and will benefit the Big Brother/Big Sister organization. I'm so excited!

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