Saturday, August 29, 2009

Family Visit

Daily Activity: Ran 4.4 miles (5 APs)

As I mentioned earlier, we went down to my parent's farm for my niece's 5th birthday party this weekend. We drove down last night after Tim got off work and arrived about 9:00 pm. When we got there my niece, nephew, and Dad were all already in bed. Only my sister was awake.

I walked into the house first and my sister looked at me like I was an intruder. When my mom walked in behind me, my sister said "is that Amanda?" When she realized it was indeed me, she started bawling like a baby. I don't know exactly why she reacted so strongly, but she definitely did. At first she kept saying that she was so proud of me, and that I looked gorgeous, etc. But after a few minutes she kinda started interrogating me. She asked me: how much I weigh, how did I lose weight, how fast did I lose weight, how much I exercise, what exercises I do, what I eat, etc. It was almost like she was berating me. I'm not sure what that was all about.

We ended up having a pretty decent time though. Tim and I got up early this morning and went for a run around the dirt roads near my parent's house. We intended to come back home and put the kids in my bike trailer and take them for a loop around the 3 mile circle after we ran, but we had bike issues. At first my tire was flat, so we went to Walmart to get the stuff to fix it. Then when we came back Tim tried to fix the gears on my bike and ended up messing them up to where I could barely move the pedals. Then we noticed that his tire had a huge hole in it. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. It pretty much sucks that we made the effort to get a bike rack and haul our stuff all the way down there and then couldn't even ride.

For lunch my family planned on grilling out hamburgers and hotdogs. I was worried about what I would eat because I knew they didn't buy lean beef or lean hotdogs. I went to the store and bought all kinds of vegetables to marinate and make skewers to grill. I ate one hotdog, alot of vegetables, a small salad and a couple spoonfuls of baked beans. I felt like I did pretty good .... and then came the cake. I ate waaay more cake (and ice cream) than I needed to. Oh well, you win some you lose some. Although my family is probably wondering why the hell I made such a big deal about making sure I had healthy options to eat for lunch if I was gonna chow down on cake and ice cream for dessert.

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  1. I know that feeling of being questioned about the weight loss, but only recently. I also understand what you are saying about doing well and than eating cake...sometimes a girl has to indulge!! Just the other day I was talking about how I pick too much, and my sister said "yeah, I was watching you". A few hours later I was like...she was watching me? I think it feels great to lose the weight, but with the world watching it is hard to indulge a little without feeling judged - all in all that I believe is my OWN problem, cause I am sure I do it too!! Neverthess, I am new to your blog, and congrats on your weight loss!!!