Friday, October 2, 2009

Family Pictures

Every year we donate money to our local Volunteer Fire Department and in exchange they give us a free sitting for family portraits. They called today to tell us that the photos will be taken tomorrow afternoon.

I got to thinking about how different we will look in our photos this year than last year. Most years we didn't even take photos because I never wanted to see a picture of myself.

This is our family photo from last October.


I honestly don't hardly recognize those people. Its hard to believe that was only one year ago. Hopefully this year we will have some pictures that we can actually be proud of. Who knows ... maybe we'll make Christmas cards with photos this year.


  1. Wow, I can't wait to see your picture from this year!

  2. your family photo is going to look so great! you worked so hard and i'm feel inspired to kick myself into gear and get into shape like you are!