Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chili Trot 5K Recap

My alarm went off at 6:00 this morning, and I almost decided to blow off my race and go back to sleep. But of course I would never actually do that! So I rolled out of bed and got going. I ate a packet of Quaker Original Grits for breakfast. I figured it was about the only thing I could eat quickly that didn't have much fiber in it.

We got to the church where the race was being hosted and it was absolutely FREEZING. Kelli and Nicole were smart enough to wear long sleeves and pants, but I hadn't invested in any yet because the temperature hadn't dipped below 70 degrees all year long. I wore capri length pants and a short sleeved shirt with a jacket. I seriously considered running in my jacket, but I was afraid I'd start sweating and get it all gross.

We got going just before 9:00, and for the first mile I was really afraid I might fall. I was so cold that my feet were numb and I felt unsteady on them. After the first mile I started warming up and felt alot better although my nose was running and the cold air was burning my lungs. By the third mile I felt great though .. and then of course it was over.

I'm shocked to say that I once again beat my previous time! I hit the finish line at exactly 25 minutes. My previous best time was 26:08. I guess the cold weather made me get my ass in gear and go. My splits were:

Mile 1: 8:05
Mile 2: 7:58
Mile 3: 8:02

I can't believe I ran 3 consistent 8 minute miles. I really am getting faster and stronger!

After the race, Tim and I tasted some of the chili entries in the cook off, ate a hotdog and I may or may not have eaten a chocolate brownie that may or may not have been absolutely delicious. We didn't get to stay for the awards ceremony because Tim had to work this afternoon.

After I dropped Tim off, I immediately went and bought a pair of long running pants and a couple long sleeved shirts. I can't wait to wear them tomorrow morning.


  1. Great time!! Just one question, as you lost weight did your times get better? I am finding that I am getting faster as I get stronger but was wondering about others. May 2009 I was at a solid 11 1/2 minute mile now I am at 10:42, and I hope by May 2010 I'll be just below a 10 minute mile. *Fingers crossed*

  2. I definitely have gotten faster since the weight has come off. I've never really been a slow runner though. The thing that I've really improved on is my distance. I can remember when I would run on my treadmill as long as I could possibly stand it, and then I'd look and it had only been 0.8 miles. Then I got to 2 miles and that was awesome. Then one day I was able to do 3 and I thought that was just insane! Now I can run up to 7 miles. My speed has definitely increased, but not to the degree that my distance has.