Friday, September 18, 2009

Not As Planned

Well so much for that lovely dovey, today is gonna be a fantastic day, nothing can go wrong business I spoke of this morning. For starters my cat barfed all over my house this morning. Awesome! And then when I ran outside to get Lincoln in the car to take him to Gymboree, my car wouldn't start.

So instead of taking him to Gymboree I got to take him to the car dealership and sit in the waiting room for 30 minutes or so while they replaced my battery and charged me $200.

Atleast Lincoln had fun playing with the toys.

And pretending to talk on my cellphone.

After we got that all straightened out it was lunch time. We met my friend, Bailey at Jason's Deli for some grub. I ordered the Mediterranean Wrap with Organic Blue Corn Chips, homemade salsa and a water.

The wrap was awesome! Oven roasted turkey breast, roasted Red Pepper Hummus, cucumber, purple onions, Kalamata olives, Roma tomatoes, and organic field greens in an organic wheat wrap ... whats not to love? The blue corn chips were good too, but if I had known that they were 5 points I probably would have just gotten some steamed veggies instead. I was anticipating them to be about 3 points. I guess thats what I get for not checking ahead of time.

Bailey wanted to make sure I included a picture of her in my blog, so here is a token picture of my friend Bailey with my food.

After lunch we went and picked up our race packets. I haven't really looked to see what's included yet. I also need to work on my playlist ... so more on that later.


  1. Is that Jason's Deli a chain? If so, I went to one in Austin, Texas and I remember they had a GIANT stuffed baked potato - but I think with the bacon, cheese, everything it was like 20 points!

    Good luck in your race tomorrow - and you've already won because you are doing it! :D

    Looking forward to the recap! :D

  2. Thats the one. And you are right, their potatoes are ENORMOUS! I'm not at all suprised that they could be 20 points.

  3. ahhhh, a day in the life of a mom,eh?
    hang in there chica,and good luck on your race btw!