Friday, July 31, 2009

Stuck in a Rut

Daily Activity : 50 minutes on Elliptical (5 APs)

Well, its the end of another month. I'm setting new goals for myself for the upcoming month. I have decided to make my goal for August to earn 130 activity points. I didn't just pull this number out of a hat though. There are 31 days in August, I estimated that I will most likely exercise about 26 of those days, if I earn 5 APs for each exercise session that will equal 130 APs.

I really need to start focusing on strength training. I keep telling myself that, but I never do it. I think the bottom line is that I'm a cardio junkie. I don't get the high from strength training that I do from a cardio session. I know that more muscle will help me burn more calories at rest.

I've been wanting to try the Body Pump classes at the Y, but for some reason I have been too shy so far to go. I don't adapt to change well. I get in a groove and then I get stuck in a rut. I've done this all my life, with school, with work, with relationships. Its my MO. So now I'm stuck in a rut of cardio: running, elliptical, and spinning classes.

So ... with that being said, I'm going to make it another one of my August goals to go to 1 Body Pump class. There, I put it in writing!

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