Sunday, November 8, 2009

World Run Day 2009

Today was World Run Day. If you aren't familiar with World Run Day, it is basically a day to bring the world together in running for charitable causes. I decided to dedicate my run to my son Lincoln and I chose The National Children's Advocacy Center as my charitable organization. If you would also like to donate to their cause please click on the link and donate online.


Tim chose the American Diabetes Association as his charity. He was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes a couple of years ago, since then he has lost over 70 lbs and has completely cured himself of Diabetes through diet and exercise.


I worked the last three nights from 7pm to 7am, and when I woke up this afternoon I really wasn't feeling like going to run, but I knew that the cause was important and I felt like this was really something I needed to do. I had commited to running 6.2 miles, and Tim commited to running 7 miles. I decided that because he was going to run 7, that I would also and it also fit into our Half Marathon Training program. So we got dressed in our World Run Day tshirts and headed out to the park.

The run went pretty well. As you can see from the picture I'm wearing a knee brace on my right knee. It has really been achey and sore lately after my runs. My last 7 mile run really did me in, and I bought the knee brace that day. My knee felt great today with the brace on. Unfortunately my right hip is starting to hurt also though, and it bothered me some during the first few miles but felt better after about the 4th mile. I ran 7 miles in 63 minutes.

I'm really glad I got up this afternoon and decided to fulfill my commitment to myself, World Run Day, and the National Children's Advocacy Center even though I was tired and didn't really feel in the mood because I felt so refreshed and invigorated afterwards.

Did you participate in World Run Day today?

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  1. Hi Amanda, great post! I have just started to run, so I did a walk/jog today. BTW, your blog is inspirational to me - I'm just starting out on a similar journey and it's great to hear such a positive success story - keep up the great work!